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The Carmarthen Antiques and Flea Market draws enthusiasts and collectors to the United Counties Showground from all over the UK.  Arrive early, bag a bargain and pick up interesting additions to house and home, choose from an truly eclectic mix of collectable and household items.


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All indoor stands at the Carmarthen Antiques and Flea must be pre-booked.  

Outside stands at the Flea can be had by turning up on the day

and paying at the gate (£42.00 inc VAT).

Gates open at 7.30 am for sellers.

Click here for forthcoming events.

Visitors please note that admission for adults will be £4.00 to all events in 2015.

Further details may be had from Towy Events 01267 236569 or for details for exhibiting, please complete the form on the "Contact Towy Events" page of this website.

The Showground Postcode is SA33 5DR, but take care, your sat nav will take you to the farm across the main road, so look out for signs to the Showground when you get to within a mile of us.                                            

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Carmarthen Antiques and Flea Market

continues to be a Collectors’ Paradise.

The next Carmarthen Flea Market takes place on MONDAY December 28th between 10.00am and 4.00pm at United Counties Showground, admission for adults is £4.00. For more information, including details on exhibiting email us at info@towyevents.co.uk  or call us on 01267 236 569. All indoor pitches must be pre-booked whilst outdoor pitches will be available on the day with set-up at 7.30am. Meanwhile keep up to date with all our news and events by following us on Twitter @TowyEvents.


A collection of coins, all rare examples of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century copper coinage, will be sold at the next Carmarthen Antiques & Flea Market a short distance from where they were first spent.

The event on Sunday November the 8th will be a chance to get your hands on three very sought after copper tokens made locally during a shortage of copper coinage which affect much of the United Kingdom.

Unofficial token pennies and halfpennies which were issued by local industrialists, merchants and bankers were needed as small change, as the Royal Mint's reluctance to commit itself fully to the provision of coinage in anything other than precious metals remained in force.

Copper tokens like those made by the Morgan Ironworks in Carmarthen were used to pay wages to workers. The local shops in which these tokens were spent were often owned by the same industrialists who had issued the tokens forcing workers to spend their pay with the company they worked for.

The text on the edge of the Morgan halfpenny does however state ‘payable at London, Bristol and Carmarthen’ meaning this token could be used beyond the Welsh borders. The coin also shows the inside of the Ironworks in considerable detail, on one side a smith seems to be hammering hot iron, possibly to harden it or remove impurities. On the other side foundry workers are guiding molten iron into channels of sand to produce cast pig-iron bars.

In 1812 a ‘Carmarthen Penny’ was issued by William Griffiths an ironmonger on Dark Street. On one side of the coin appears the Shield of Arms of Carmarthen along with the words ‘Carmarthen Penny’ whilst on the reverse is a cask within an oak wreath with the words ‘payable by W. Griffiths & Co 1812’.

Just a year later another penny was issued by William Moss. He was “an ironmonger, cutler and brazier” and had an iron foundry on what is now the site of Carmarthen’s bus station on Blue Street.

Each of the three coins offer a unique insight into life during the industrial revolution in Carmarthenshire and are arguably some of the finest examples of these tokens to be found.

See them at the next Carmarthen Antiques and Flea Market which takes place on December the 28th between 10.00am and 4.00pm. As well as ceramics and antique furniture expect to find vintage jewellery and clothing, gardening and agricultural tools, toys and military memorabilia as well as modern art. You’ll also find thousands of interesting and unusual decorative items on hundreds of stands indoors and out.

The final Antiques and Flea Market for 2015 is Bank Holiday Monday December the 28th. 2016 dates out now:  see Diary page.

Admission is £4 for adults with accompanied children admitted free of charge. Carmarthen Showground is on the A40, minutes from the town. SA33 5DR

For more information, including details on exhibiting at the Carmarthen Antiques & Flea Market visit www.towyevents.co.uk or call 01267 236 569. All indoor pitches must be pre-booked whilst outdoor pitches will be available on the day with set-up at 7.30am. Meanwhile keep up to date with all our news and events by following us on Twitter @TowyEvents.

December 28  (Bank Holiday Monday)

It is business as usual for the

Carmarthen Antiques & Flea Markets


A parcel of land has been sold (as reported in recent local newspapers) but this will have no effect on the area used for shows and exhibitions.  Other parts of the showground are also on the market and may sell in due course, but the long-term plan is to keep the facilities used by us, and many other events, intact as an indoor and outdoor exhibition site.